Successful threat intelligence programs are the foundation of security and risk management programs.

Your organization faces constant risk. Adversaries are sophisticated, clever and focused. Attacks are well planned, coordinated and use a variety of tactics including cyber, physical, human and technical to accomplish their goals.

Center for Threat Intelligence benefits organizations by using proven methodologies to create holistic, integrated and proactive intelligence programs. Our experienced consultants help you build successful threat intelligence programs to proactively identify who your adversaries are and where they are focused. Adding intelligence to your business decisions and risk management process, gives your organization cutting edge knowledge to create an early warning system to manage and mitigate risks before a strike.

Applied throughout an organization, our intelligence framework can benefit every business discipline including risk management, information security, legal, human resources, management and executive and board level positions.

We offer comprehensive consulting services, training and certifications to address the needs of our clients. From security practitioners developing basic knowledge to advance skills in threat intelligence, to executives looking for a high-level understanding on the benefits of early warning intelligence.

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