David Gomez is a retired FBI executive, security consultant, and cybersecurity professional with practitioner experience in complex, high-risk, critical incident management and response. He is a former Senior Fellow at the George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, and frequent media contributor on law enforcement, cybersecurity, and counterterrorism topics.

An internationally recognized expert on national security, David bring years of FBI and law enforcement experience to the corporate and cybersecurity world.

He is a subject matter expert on a wide variety of law enforcement and cybersecurity-related issues including cyber-intrusion, economic espionage, theft of trade secrets, infrastructure protection, threat intelligence, and counterterrorism.

David currently works as a senior analyst in cybersecurity governance, cybersecurity training and awareness, technical surveillance countermeasures, and strategic competitive intelligence for the telecommunications industry.

David has appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX News, MSNBC, and Voice of America; written for Foreign Policy and; and served as a guest lecturer on counterterrorism at the National Security Affairs Department, Naval Postgraduate School. He has a Master of Arts degree in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from the University of La Verne. His thesis topic was Should Cops Be Spies? Evaluating the Collection and Sharing of National Security Intelligence by State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement.