Today’s global threats by sophisticated actors, nation-states, organized crime and hacker groups, are highly complex. Many of these threats can be related to a variety of events that seem to have no correlation, yet are drivers and indicators of an imminent attack on your organization. Understanding the next attack, where it will hit and when, are intelligence questions that simply have no black and white answers. These complex problems, also called “wicked problems”, need advance thought processes, techniques and tools, to anticipate and prevent upcoming attacks. You need “Sensemaking”.

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What you will learn

This two-session on-demand training provides attendees with a foundational understanding of sensemaking, a critical component in the intelligence process. 

Principle objectives of this course:

  • Understanding the role of sensemaking in the intelligence process
  • Using sensemaking to create alternative intelligence strategies
  • Using sensemaking to understand alternative goals and priorities of adversaries
  • Developing alternative data collections methods
  • Understanding the need for new processes and to anticipate attacks
  • Develop the basic use of sensemaking and identify risks, adversarial focus, and how to apply this knowledge to critical decisions

Who should attend? 

  • Security professionals:  Expand your career by building advanced threat intelligence skills
  • Law enforcement: Build a foundation on how to apply sensemaking in your daily activities
  • Legal and financial roles: Create an awareness of understanding patterns and threats to help your clients prioritize risks
  • Human Resource and administrative roles: Develop an understanding of how to identify unforeseen threats, prioritize and address risk

Participants will receive Certificate of Completion

Continuing Education Credits Available