Threat Intelligence Fundamentals

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Threat intelligence skills are critical in identifying adversaries and proactively protecting an organization. The challenge is that there are not  many trained threat intelligence professionals available to hire.  Using threat intelligence skills and techniques allows you to proactively defend your environment by understanding adversarial strategy, identifying potential targets and ultimately eliminate surprise. These valuable skills will help excel your career and begin your journey to becoming a Center for Threat Intelligence Certified Threat Intelligence Professional. The first step in building a career in threat intelligence is Threat Intelligence Fundamentals.

What you will learn

This one-hour online training provides attendees with a foundational understanding of threat intelligence. 

*  Understand basic intelligence fundamentals and concepts

*  Understand the benefits of what an intelligence program can provide

*  Understand intelligence categories

*  Understand differences between data, information and intelligence

Who should take this class? 

Security and Threat Intelligence Professionals: Enhance your career and skills and learn to proactively identify insider threat activities.

Managers and Executives:  Understand insider threat indicators, motivation and tradecraft to prioritize and address risk. 

Risk, Compliance and Human Resource Professionals: Understand insider threats and enhance knowledge of potential risks before they happen.

Federal Agents and Law Enforcement: Master techniques to identify insider threats for advanced investigations and to improve job skills.

Attorneys: Enhance legal activities, investigations and interviewing skills by creating an awareness of insider motivation and techniques.


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