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With new expectations and responsibilities being placed on law enforcement and organizations, understanding the fundamentals of threat intelligence is critical to every situation. Using processes within the threat intelligence framework allows you to proactively defend your environment and understand adversarial strategy and potential targets. This knowledge will also assist in making decisions based on identifying real risks and prioritizing resources to address them. The first step in building a proactive security environment is creating a foundation for threat intelligence.

  • Date: 05/16/2019 09:00 AM
  • Location: WASHINGTON STATE CRIMINAL JUSTICE TRAINING COMMISSION 19010 1st Ave South Burien, WA 98148 (Map)


What you will learn

This one-day training provides attendees with a foundational understanding of threat intelligence. 

Principle objectives of this course:

  • Understand the difference between information and intelligence
  • Learn how to create actionable intelligence 
  • Develop the basic use of intelligence to understand and identify risks, adversarial focus, and how to apply this knowledge to critical decisions
  • Learn key concepts and practical application of threat intelligence processes
  • Understand how mindset affects intelligence
  • Threat profiling, concepts, techniques and why they are important.
  • Continuing Educational Credits Available.

Who should attend 

  • Security professionals: Expand your career by building experience in threat intelligence
  • Law enforcement: Build a foundation on how to apply threat intelligence in your daily activities
  • Legal professionals: Create an awareness of threats to help your clients prioritize risks

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